Best Multis- The Nation’s Leading MBE Course


One-Timers is best known for its MBE program – Best Multis.  It is the only program you will need to substantially improve your MBE score and it is a component of the One-Timers Bar Review Course. Now that the MBE portion of the bar exam consists of 50% of your overall score. The need to do your very best in the MBE section is even more critical. It can make the difference in passing the bar exam.

Developed by Jason Tolerico, the leading authority on the MBE, you will learn the techniques of multiple choice test-taking and understanding the law – not memorization.  Mr. Tolerico has never taken a bar review course yet he is one of the few attorneys who can boast a score of 180 for the MBE section of the bar exam using the Best Multis method. He has taken the bar exam in several states and has achieved the following MBE scores

2006 February – California – 170                                                2009 February – Colorado – 180

2007 February – Nevada – 168                                                    2009 July – New Mexico – 178

2008 February- Arizona  – 166                                                     2011 July – Pennsylvania – 176

2008 July – New York – 163                                                         2016 July – Michigan – 172


His method is the very best on the market. Best Multis is only available for California Bar takers through One-Timers Bar Review Course.

Why Choose Best Multis?


Best Multis uses Licensed NCBE Questions

Best Multis licenses over 1,500 real MBE questions from the NCBE.  Best Multis does not use make up questions you will never see on the bar exam.


Best Multis Critical Breakdown

Best Multis utilizes Mr. Tolerico’s critique of fact patterns, known as the Critical Breakdown.  Each question’s facts are broken down to show you what the examiners are trying to test.  The examiners test the same concepts on each administration of the bar exam using different facts.  The Critical Breakdown demonstrates this very easily.  Once you begin to see how the MBE fact patterns are broken down, you will become familiar with the various testing methods and begin to recognize patterns.  This builds confidence and leads to higher test scores.


Performance Analytics

Best Multis detailed analytical algorithms demonstrate which areas you are doing well or poorly.  Knowing your weak areas is extremely important.  Once you recognize your weak areas, you have the option to go back to specific questions you previously got wrong  and review the question.  You will build  confidence as you start to see your scores sky rocket and your percentages increase.


Time Management Analytics

Best Multis shows you how fast or how slow it takes you to answer certain questions.  The bar exam requires  applicants  to answer a question with competency in a short period of time.  Best Multis shows you if  you are taking too much time to answer questions. Best Multis will teach you how to answer an MBE question in a timely manner with confidence.


MBE Tips and Strategy

Best Multis includes tips and strategies.  Beyond an explanation of why the answers are correct or incorrect, the strategies and tips help guide a student on how to think about a specific set of facts.  These strategies will help guide you to always find the correct answer.