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Half your advice might be follow directions and have common sense....but the other half....You do really explain things well. I’ve had a lot of people tell me what was wrong, but rarely ever clearly explain how to fix it on every essay.

Angela Belty
California Bar #290429

Give me my bar card. There’s no way in hell I didn’t pass. Thanks to your help of course.

Andrea Carter
California Bar #290286

.... And the review is starting to get fun, I am constantly reminding myself that instead of thinking how are they trying to screw me just take it as a challenge to figure out what they want.

Billy Wright
California Bar #303618

Finally it’s over! I may not have a good hunch of how I fared or even a faint prediction of my pass/fail probability but, I want you to know I took this exam feeling better-prepared, more confidence with lesser anxiety. I can honestly say you helped me change the way I approached the exam for the better.

Cesar Lachica Jr.
California Bar #266634

This is so strange, I am so excited about taking the bar exam this time.

Jansi Muradyan
California Bar #275824

I’m so excited!! This is the last bar I’ll take. I can feel it!

Angela Belty
California Bar #290429

I am actually looking forward to the test. I keep thinking about what you said about the preparation being hard so the test can be easy. I truly feel like the hard part is behind me. It is a relief. Now, on to the test. Bring it on examiners!

Kelly Rose Mason
California Bar #263106

I feeling pretty calm considering ... a HUGE thank you to you on that.

Megan Compton
California Bar #282504

I’m at the hotel now looking over your approaches. I’m so ready for this. Thank you for all your help, now it’s up to me to show them what I know. Talk to you later.

PS. I know I’m going to pass!!

Marysol Bretado
California Bar #263842

Slaughtered it. The questions were easy as hell so hopefully my in depth analysis puts me ahead of the pack.

Corey Evan Parker, Esq.
California Bar #295317

I’m so ready to kick ass. I owe it all to YOU!

Shirin Hejazi Moghadam
California Bar #301140

This time, I went into the bar the most confident I have ever been taking any other bar in the past. That really made a huge difference. The MBE’s weren’t impossible and the test didn’t seem as formidable as it once did.

Monnyda Aut
California Bar #287492

I feel extremely ready. I am shocked at the ease in how everything is coming to me and how my MBE and issue spotting on essays has been so tremendously improved.

Ryan Freimann
California Bar #272131

So ready for this thing. Feel waayyyy better than in July walking in.

“Leo” Greenstein
California Bar #290607

Lol…should I bust out my checklist too?

Feeling pretty good about this test now! Don’t float your own boat JT, but I see how it’s coming together now!

Larry Kuo
California Bar #303234

I had a dream... That I passed the bar exam! Hope that dream becomes a reality!

Tyler Borchard
California Bar #304283

Excited to take the exam!

Billy Yoo
California Bar #289907

PS: I think real property is my favorite! I might even go as far as saying I’m enjoying studying it!

Stephanie Johnson
California Bar #296370


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