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Pricing & Discounts

We Offer a Wide Range of Discounts

The total cost of the course is $5,899 minus whichever discounts you choose to utilize from below. Additionally, One-Timers offers group rates, referral bonuses and a Student Representative Program to ensure every student can take advantage of the course.

First-Time Bar Discount

If this is your first time taking the bar exam, you may take $1400 off the price of the course. This offer is limited to those who have graduated from law school within the past six months and have not previously taken a bar exam.

The Buddy Discount

If you and a friend sign up together, you each receive $1300 off the total price of the course.

Legacy Discount

One-Timers will take $1400 off the price of the course if you are related an to alumnus of One-Timers (parent-child, spouses, siblings).

Early Bird Discount

Most courses charge extra for starting early. One-Timers knows that starting early gives you a better chance of passing the exam & encourages it with $1200 off the course price if you enroll 15+ weeks before your bar exam.

Military/Police Discount

One-Timers is proud to offer a $1000 discount to all current and former members of the military or police force.

Double Your Deposit Discount

Already put down a deposit with another course? No problem, One-Timers will apply a credit worth double your deposit towards our course. Proof of deposit is required.

Payment may be made by cash, check, credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

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