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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions from prospective One-Timers students.

Starting With One-Timers

One-Timers starts whenever you’re ready. In fact, you can begin today. One-Timers structures a schedule for you that is specific to your needs until the course begins. The course, which entails the live classes, daily schedule, and simulated exams, starts in May for the July exam and December for the February exam.

Yes. The more time we have with you, the better your chances of success. One-Timers encourages students to begin as early as possible. One of the best parts of starting early is there are no additional costs. The price is the same.

Want to Start Early? ..but are waiting for results?
If you’ve passed.. you get your MONEY BACK!

Absolutely. If you are in law school, you get access to everything One-Timers has to offer. One-Timers guides you through your current subjects (provided they are bar courses). You have access to the MBE program, all the outlines, the essays, and every audio and video. You may even attend the live classes. One-Timers’ students have a distinct advantage over their classmates.

One-Timers recommends that you begin preparing as early as possible. The more exposure you get, the better. Students who prepare for the bar exam early suffer less stress when bar review begins. This is not a test you can cram for.

No problem. One-Timers will double it and apply the credit to your account upon enrollment. Thus, if you have already paid $250 to another course, you will receive $500 off the price of One-Timers. Proof of deposit is required.

One-Timers is different than any previous experience you might have had. The process is actually fun. You are learning and learning is supposed to be fun. It’s exciting when concepts are clear, fact patterns seem familiar, issues jump off the page, and right answers come in waves.

Sure. Come see why One-Timers has the best materials of any bar prep course. Before you sign up for any course, we strongly recommend that you view their materials and see what it is you’re getting.

The price is $5,899. We do require a pre-authorized credit card be kept on file to ensure we receive our course materials back within thirty (30) days after the bar exam. There are no additional charges and no hidden fees. Everything is included.

Yes. One-Timers will accept reasonable payment plans. Law students, and those taking the bar exam at a later date, are offered greater flexibility when it comes to payment plans.

Logistics & Personal Matters

The concepts come back quicker than you think. Let us show you.

One-Timers is located throughout Southern California. Our main office is in Los Angeles County California.

Location doesn’t matter. Materials will be shipped to you, written assignments are submitted by e-mail, and the classes are webcast throughout the country. If you cannot attend the live classes, you can still participate and ask questions in real time – no matter where you are at. The classes are even recorded for those who wish to view them at their convenience.

Moreover, you are always welcome to call, text, or e-mail any questions to us at any time. In today’s mobile society, location is never a problem.

Not at all. One-Timers assumes that each student is being taught many of these concepts for the first time.

Yes. You receive printed copies of the course materials, including the MBE outline, California subjects outline, essay book with model answers, rules for essays, performance tests with model answers, simulated written assignments with model answers, the Final Act, and all simulated MBE tests.

Additionally, the materials are printed in color to help students identify areas of focus. Color materials help students retain the information longer and makes it more enjoyable to read.

Yes. Each student has access to all the materials online in addition to the printed copies.

Of course. One-Timers is a full-service bar review course that covers every part of the exam – the MBE, essays, and performance test. It is imperative that you be adequately prepared for every section of the bar exam. With One-Timers you get everything you need to crush the bar exam.

Yes. If you have previously taken the California bar exam, One-Timers reviews your past exams and shows you how to improve.

During The Course

Yes. One of the biggest advantages with One-Timers is being able to reach a live person and have your questions and concerns addressed immediately. We provide virtually round-the-clock support. You will always be able to interact with someone via e-mail, phone, and occasionally in person. One-Timers checks up on you throughout the course to make sure that you are doing ok. You are never alone with One-Timers!

Yes. There are simulated exams scheduled for every section of the exam. The most effective tool in preparing for the bar exam is practice, practice, practice. Therefore, One-Timers administers several simulated exams for the MBE, essays, and performance test.

Within 24-hours. One-Timers has the fastest turnaround time of any course, tutor, or bar prep class in the nation. We feel that if we don’t get your simulated essay or performance test back to you immediately, you will forget what you wrote and the whole point of the assignment becomes meaningless.

Students receive individualized feedback with detailed comments and a grade on every written assignment they submit. Our graders carefully go through every sentence explaining how to make your answer better. Every written assignment comes with a One-Timers model answer and ten (10) minute audio (twenty-five (25) minute audio for performance tests) explaining that essay or performance test.

Actually, the average turnaround time is thirty (30) minutes to an hour (1), but we like to give ourselves a 24-hour window just in case. Feel free to ask any former One-Timers student about the turnaround time.

The best ways to describe the structure and organization of One-Timers is “We Lead, You Follow.” One-Timers tells you precisely what to do and how to do it. You are given a manageable assignment every day detailing what you need to do for that day.

More time is spent on the subjects that require the most attention. For instance, Constitutional Law, Evidence, Real Property, and Civil Procedure will take much longer to get through than Trusts, Agency, Partnerships, and Remedies. One-Timers factors this in when making your schedule.

Yes. There is a master schedule that lays out the general overview of the whole course. The daily assignments are more detailed and specific.

Yes. The live classes take place every Saturday and continue until the last Saturday before the bar exam. The classes start at 10:00 a.m. and generally end at 3:00 p.m.

The essence of what is covered changes every administration of the bar. Each class is modified to best prepare students for the upcoming exam. One-Timers is acutely aware of what has been tested and what is likely to be tested on the next exam.

Generally, we review four (4) essays and two dozen or so MBE’s during class. There is ample coverage of the substantive aspects of the subject during this review. Additionally, we go over performance tests so that students are prepared for every aspect of the exam.

No problem. All classes are live webcasts and are recorded. Not being able to attend is never a problem.

Yes! And we love it! The MBE’s are by far the most fun you will have studying for the exam. I know you don’t think that now, but wait until we get done with you.

Also, the BestMultis is included in the One-Timers course.

One-Timers has licensed every released question from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). Each question contains a thorough explanation of all four answer choices. We also provide additional questions.

Odds & Ends

Because it’s your best shot at passing. No student has ever left One-Timers and passed with another course.

One-Timers has had students from seemingly every other course – including Themis, BarMax, BarWinners, BarBri, Kaplan, Flemings, Personal Bar Prep, Cal Bar Tutorial, the Writing Edge, and many others – and they all passed with One-Timers. No other course can say that.

Maybe that explains why the bar passage rate is so low in California.

Yes. One-Timers stands behind the quality of its course. Click here for more information.

The course is taught by Professor Jason Tolerico, an expert on the bar exam. Mr. Tolerico holds the highest MBE score – 180 – and has passed the bar exam on his first attempt in numerous states including California, New York, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.

Mr. Tolerico has never taken a bar review course.

The rest of the staff — including our publishers, consultants, developers, cameramen, technicians, assistants, and graders — work behind the scenes to keep the program running smoothly. Without them, One-Timers would not be where it is today.

One-Timers created its outlines from the same hornbooks and treatises used by those who write the questions for your bar. It only took four years to figure out which books they were using and seven years to perfect the outlines.

No. One-Timers focuses exclusively on what is tested on the California bar exam. No more, no less. We are not concerned with non-testable issues.

Yes. One-Timers has a course designed for students taking the First-Year Law Students’ Examination. The price is $2699, which can be applied to the One-Timers Bar Review Course. In other words, the amount is subtracted from the price of the full course. It’s like putting down a deposit for future use.

After you pass the baby bar, One-Timers navigates you through the rest of your law school career.

At One-Timers, someone is available during the day, at night, and on weekends and holidays. Normal business hours don’t apply.

The best number to reach One-Timers is (800) 550-1525. You can also email us at

If you have any questions that have not be addressed or if you would like additional information about One-Timers, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer you.

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