Law Students

Current Law Students

It is important to prepare for the bar exam as early as possible. The more exposure you get, the better. Therefore, One-Timers prepares you during law school by providing you with everything the course has to offer.

Students Who Are Enrolled in One-Timers During Law School Receive All the Benefits

One-Timers provides law students with access to everything the course has to offer. You have access to all the outlines, model answers, the MBE program, audios, videos, and more. You may also attend the live classes, watch any of the recorded sessions, or join the live webcasts. One-Timers even guides you in your current classes.

For instance, if you are about to begin your third-year of law school and are scheduled to take Remedies, Wills, Trusts, and Community Property, One-Timers designs a plan to attack each of those subjects. This way you are thoroughly prepared for both the bar exam and your law school finals.

Additionally, any student enrolled in One-Timers may do multiple test runs through the course. This is highly recommended. For example, if you are taking the bar exam in July 2020, you are more than welcome to attend the live classes and simulate going through the experience of preparing for the bar exam during the July 2019 and February 2020 sessions.

This type of advanced preparation give One-Timers’ students a huge advantage over the competition. The best part is there are no additional fees for starting early.

Law Students Who Are Considering Enrolling in One-Timers

Law students who are not enrolled in One-Timers may be granted online access to the outlines and model answers for the subjects they are currently enrolled. One-Timers offers this as a courtesy because we genuinely want to help you succeed in law school.

You may also attend one of the live classes to see what all the buzz is about.

Why Would We Do This?

Simple. One-Timers prides itself on having the best materials. Once exposed to the quality of One-Timers, there is no desire to use anything else. If you are debating on which course to take, One-Timers makes that decision an easy one.


Law students may be required to submit their class schedule, graduation date, or law school enrollment. This offer is not open to students who have committed to another course. Access to the materials may be limited at the start of the One-Timers course. Offer subject to change without notice. Those not enrolled in One-Timers are required to obtain permission to attend a live class.

Flexible Payment Plans Available to Law Students

One-Timers provides flexible, long-term payment plans for students who are still in law school or planning to take the bar exam at a later date.

First-Year Law Students’ Examination – The Baby Bar

The First-Year Law Students’ Examination tests on Criminal Law, Torts, Contracts, and U.C.C. The morning session of the exam consists of four essays, which must be completed in four hours. The afternoon session is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions, which the student must complete in three hours.

One-Timers offers a mini-course that prepares students for the First-Year Law Students’ Examination. The price is $2500. This amount may be applied to the price of the One-Timers Bar Review Course. In other words, the amount is subtracted from the price of the full course. It’s like putting down a deposit for future use.

After you pass the baby bar, One-Timers navigates you through the rest of your law school career.