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Compare One-Timers to Barbri, Kaplan & Themis

While many bar review companies claim high pass rates, One-Timers is the only one to guarantee it. One-Timers has a 98.3% pass rate with first-time ABA students who graduated in the top-half of their class. Hence, the full money-back guarantee.

It is commonly known that almost every student takes Barbri, Kaplan, or Themis to help them prepare for the California bar exam. These courses are responsible for preparing over 95% of the applicants taking the California bar exam.

It is rumored that their pass rate is over 80%. Themis posts its “alleged” pass rate on its website stating that it falls somewhere between 82% – 96%…mind you with no proof of how they get these numbers.

The problem is that if almost every applicant takes one of those three courses, then why was the overall bar passage rate 39% in February 2015, 48% in July 2014, 45% in February 2014, and 47% in July 2015.

Something just doesn’t make sense. The numbers don’t add up.

One-Timers can firmly say that we give you the best chance of success. Here’s why: “No person has ever failed the bar exam with One-Timers and went on to pass with BarBri, Themis, or Kaplan, or any other course for that matter. But a vast number of students who were unsuccessful with those courses passed with One-Timers.” That statement really says something. And unlike our competitors, One-Timers has the proof to back it up.

You have a choice. It’s your future: One-Timers.

Read What Students Are Saying

I know I would not have passed the first time around had I not gotten into your program and run screaming from Barbri – so always feel free to pass my number along!

Christeva Filippini

California Bar #296403


I’m referring my friend to you because she said she wanted to use a Barbri writing tutor and I just about choked. =)

Angela Belty

California Bar #290429


[After taking BarWinners with Shari Karney] I am reading things that I never knew about in your outline. Happy and shocked. Thank you.

Golnar V. Monfared

California Bar #293580


As you know, I prepared with Barbri the first time and Personal Bar Prep with Jay Chavkin for my second time. Neither program came remotely close to your comprehensive course and amazing outlines.

I am so grateful that I prepared with One-Timers.

Olga Matemotja

California Bar #291746


I want to thank you for helping me pass the February 2010 Bar Exam. I took so many courses and tutors [BarBri, Cal Bar Tutorial with Paul Pfau, BarPassers, AdaptiBar, MicroMash, PMBR, and the book called Strategies and Tactics for the MBE] and it didn’t help until I took your course. I never thought that I can actually enjoy doing MBEs and essays until I started doing your MBEs and using your approach for the essays. I strongly believe that your course made a difference in me passing the bar.

I wish I met you years ago and did not waste all my money and time on other tutors and courses.

Jansi Muradyan

California Bar #275824


Your approach was night and day with how I felt prepared and confident in answering the essays and MBE’s compared to Flemings. Have fun in Cabo and when you get back, let’s talk about the exam. Thanks again man!

Billy Wright

California Bar #303618


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for showing me the tools to understand what learning the law is all about. As you know I have taken a few courses [BarExam101 with Patrick Lynn / Bar with Bobby, now called Open Book after all the scam alerts / BarBri] and you honestly offer the best one there, I really mean it.

Being a repeat taker this is the first time I actually had control over the essays and not vice versa. I’m excited to see what happens.

Layla A. Sarwari

California Bar #291221


Your course and instructions were helpful on so many different levels. I would say the most helpful aspect is that you challenged us to think and not just memorize the rules. I came into your class with the misconception that there is some magical approach or method of attacking essays. You dispelled that quickly. In looking back, you spoon fed us your thought process by breaking down the essays each week. All we had to do was put in the work and think.

None of the Bar Prep Courses that I have taken in the past [Barbri, Barbri’s Essay Advantage, AdaptiBar, Flemings] taught me that. Thanks again for all your help!!

Larry Kuo

California Bar #303234


One-Timers is the best bar review course ever. It beats BarPassers and Barbri by a long shot.

Lorie Farraj

(Lorie was 8 ½ months pregnant when she sat for the bar),

California Bar #267471


I just wanted to let you know that I spoke to a prospective student about you. I let him know that BARBRI (having taken the course before) had NOTHING on One-Timers.

Courtney Writer

CA Bar #303185


After taking BarPassers and not passing, I was discouraged. But you helped me learn so much about myself. You have no clue how great I feel.

I bought a motorcycle on the fourth of July. Do you remember telling me that I would have a great fourth of July this year? Again you were so right.

Marysol Castro

California Bar #263842


I went through your contracts and torts outlines- they are such easy reads. Excellent job. And, you are right- WAY more thorough than Conviser. THANKS!

Ida Zaghi

California Bar #295450


I cannot believe how thorough your CA subject outline are. For the life of me I couldn’t understand the way Barbri taught pleadings and other areas. Wow … Thank you!

Gloria Tumanyan

California Bar #304028


You are a nice human being who really goes out of his way to help his students, which most tutors don’t do today!

You are a huge relief from the weirdos I experienced for the July bar..:)

Brinda Mehta

California Bar #270010


I have to say this is a very “eye-opening” experience. I never realized how much “simple” substantive knowledge I was missing when I studied last time [with Cal Bar Tutorial and Paul Pfau]. It took me a little while to go through all the questions but I am glad I did. I am happy with an 84% on my first pass and ecstatic that my score will potentially get better from this point going forward.

C. L. Lyle

California Bar #303613


If I hadn’t spoken to you last November I think it is doubtful that I would have signed up to take the bar again. You gave me a whole lot of insights and perspective that I did not have going into the July exam with Themis.

Furthermore, I think that your program shows an amount of dedication, enthusiasm, and thoroughness that is lacking in so many others. I relied heavily on your model answers – I have a lot of Barbri materials and, in my opinion, what they have pales in comparison to your work.

As for me, I think my performance was much better than that of last summer – but it’s up to the bar examiners to determine that now. Once again, thank you so much and please understand that I totally realize that I owe you BIG TIME! Best of wishes!

Aron Movroydis

California Bar #282581


I am interested in having my bar exam answers reviewed (both essays and PT’s). I am taking BarBri, but I am looking for an outside perspective on where I went wrong.

I realize that it is well late – I contracted with another bar exam tutor [Lisa Duncanson of Bar Exam Guru] who has not come through for me. Is there any way you or your staff would be willing to do this?

Thanks for all your help and encouragement. You are everything in a bar tutor that [Lisa] Duncanson isn’t.

Catherine Holmes

California Bar #289594


Someone pointed out your site to me on Facebook. I have started looking at your model answers for Feb 2011. I really like them. They are much more thorough than Kaplan. Kaplan hasn’t even done the model answers for these recent exams.

Michael Grimaldi

California Bar #280939


I have outlines from Gilbert’s, Black Letter, BARBRI, Flemings, the interactive tape series, the Taft Law School forum, as well as some downloaded through internet searches, and I can promise you that your outline is the best I have encountered so far. I am using yours almost exclusively to study for my upcoming finals this December as well as for the Baby Bar prep in June. I especially like your “MBE Tips” and “Hot Topics” pointers.

Larry Alvarez, Law Student

Taft Law School


Hope that you’re doing well and thank you for your email. I really and truly hope that my performance on February’s bar was enough for me to pass, I need to put this all behind me. Repeating the bar is so exhausting and it just takes so much out of me.

I have been passing the word around about One-Timers, and I’m sure that as time goes by people will realize that Barbri is not enough to pass the bar. Like you said “people don’t pass the bar because of Barbri, they pass despite Barbri.”

Thank you for letting me know that you are here to help in the event that I was unsuccessful. Out of everything, this probably means the most to me….that I still have you on my team rooting for me to pass. So thank you!!

I will definitely be calling you when results come out.

Arezou “Aree” Shahparnia

California Bar #271002


Thank you Jason; you changed my life and I will always be grateful.

Efaon Cobb, Former BarBri Rep

California Bar #282228


If I can save just one person from Barbri… I will.

[Email to a Prospective Student]

One-Timers is on top of its game. The course is solely dedicated to its students. You will NOT get that type of personalized attention and support from Barbri.

With One-Timers, you can call night and day (literally…it’s in the contract)…24/7 bar exam support. You can get help at 3am! You will not get that with Barbri.

The materials are the most up-to-date and accurate. With Barbri, you’re dealing with people who haven’t taken or seen the bar in a gazillion years.On my bar (July 2014)…Every one of the essay topics we got, the course had thoroughly prepared us for and we had practiced over and over again. One-Timers’ students are well prepared! I honestly can’t imagine being any more prepared.

In short, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with One-Timers.

Lindsey Marie

California Bar # 299875


Just dropping a note to say Evidence is not that bad after all, thanks to your outline. I was trying to figure out why your outline reads better than the Conviser and I decided it’s because it doesn’t look much like an outline – you write in paragraph form, you don’t have too many sub points and bulleted lists, and so it kind of reads like a story. Which is easier to process than a list of information. Just my two cents.

Marchela Iahdjian

California Bar #295595


Thank you for your encouragement. I must say that you have the best course out there – and i took enough bar review courses to know the difference. I’ll call Friday to let you know whether I passed or not.

Lizzy Jeung

California Bar #294439


I can already tell that you have more detail in the rule statement which makes your analysis a lot more solid than her [Shari Karney of BarWinners] sample answers. In your sample answer it is obvious when reading the analysis that you know the law in more detail than her.

I understand now what you mean by knowing the law well because when I am writing out the entire essay my analysis is easier to write and I am breaking up sentence by sentence like how you do in every explanation. I always knew every sentence was there for a reason but I never really understood how to break it up.

Carolyn Diacos

California Bar #296517


Move over Barbri!!! One-Timers is going to take over!!!

Rebecca Alemayehu

Active Member of the New Mexico State Bar


Having forced myself to read the Barbri outlines for Civil Procedure and Remedies and Community Property, it made me realize what a disadvantage most have in not learning the law from your outlines.

Gabriel Contreras

California Bar #295790


This has been a completely different experience [than BarBri] and I’m SO thankful for that!!

J’Aimee Oxton

California Bar #275968


One-Timers did a very good job for the essay portion. The essays need to be within the last 10 years or so…and they are with your course. Other courses [BarBri and Kaplan] have essays from 1985 (wasn’t even born then)…the style and format of the bar was different and it is very difficult to take those old essays seriously because I have learned that they are not indicative of the actual test today.

I liked how the essays we turned in for grading (plenty of) were on topics within each subject that is most likely to be tested on that particular bar exam. For example, if Con Law equal protection is predicted….then you can bet that your essay for grading is going to have equal protection.

Anthony S. Hamassian

California Bar #290189


Regarding the P.R. outline, I like how you break everything down – and weave in case law/CA law. Your outlines are MUCH more user friendly than I remember Barbri’s to be. Made me feel so much better – honestly.

Cristina Crescentini

Michigan Bar #P71452


Thank you for everything. Going with One-Timers was the best decision I ever made. Thank you for telling me I would fail if I take Barbri! I see these poor kids trying to memorize their checklists!! Back to working on essays. Take care.

Billy Yoo

California Bar #289907


So, I’m studying with some friends from law school today and realizing just how ahead of the curve and confident you have helped make me. One of my friends is in Barbri and one is in Kaplan. They were having trouble distinguishing between two very similar torts questioned and I explained exactly why the answers were the way they were (different defendants meant different answers to if the duty was breached). All of your tips and advice have sunk in more than I realized (and even got to use the “if two answers are saying the same thing, it probably means they’re both wrong” thing!).

All of a sudden they were very jealous that I have been using One-Timers.

So thank you. I am SO grateful to have all your help, tips, and resources for this exam. Feeling confident!

Kate Tanner

California Bar #295518


After taking Barbri, I definitely had my concerns that maybe I would never or could never pass, but your program gave me the tools necessary to handle business.

Anyone and everyone that asks me about my experience in One-Timers receive rave reviews, especially regarding that coveted MBE outline.

Kevin Song

CA Bar #302982


What makes One-Timers different and the best!

After taking Paul Pfau [Cal Bar Tutorial], BarBri, and Kaplan’s 3-day MBE course, I realized that the most helpful aspect of One-Timers is the idea that memorizing rules is irrelevant. The real deal is to understand, truly understand the concept.

The best example I can think of is the idea of fixture filings…the rule is easy to memorize, but the idea is foreign until you explain where it stands compared to a PMM/mortgage and subsequent loans. Then the big picture JUST MAKES SENSE (that “a-ha!” Moment).

Your outlines are great at this because you introduce the concept (whatever it may be under the subject), state the rule briefly, then follow up with real life “for example” situations. This makes it easier to understand.

This approach helped me understand concepts that I (falsely) believed I knew but only had memorized.

Mariela Murillo

California Bar #304212


You’re too funny!! Go Tina [Post], the bar prep master LOL.. Your material, your style, everything has been outstanding thus far and I am actually excited to take the bar this time so I can murder it… Soo nice to know that I do in fact know the rules after a year of studying and now it’s up to me just to think and the rest will follow.

Vernon Charles Tucker

California Bar #289320


I truly don’t think I would have ever passed the bar without your prep course! Starting even months before I signed up with your course you shot me over a mortgage outline for me to review. I knew after looking over that couple page document that your fashion at covering a topic was gonna be right up my alley!

I took Barbri straight out of law school. First shot- fail. I then took the 2nd chance Barbri class for free, FAIL #2. Third try I went off my own material (old Barbri stuff) and did some Kaplan Multiple choice questions, FAIL.

Fourth and Final try was with you! It was One-Timers that got me to pass the exam!

Tyler B. Borchard

California Bar #304283


The material is excellent. Very thorough yet straightforward. It is very helpful because it is organized in a way (MBE Outline, Rules for Essays, the Final Act) that allows the students to prepare thoroughly.

The rules are explained with the purpose of helping you understand the rationale of the rule, as opposed to a mere statement of the law. For a foreign candidate (i.e. somebody who did not graduate with a JD from an American law school) as I am, this was very helpful. When I studied the outlines of some of your “corporate competitors” [BarBri, Paul Pfau of Cal Bar Tutorial], I just had to try to memorize the concepts, and that’s not a good idea in preparing for the California bar.

In fact, my essays did not improve regardless of who helped me (Barbri, Paul Pfau, other prep courses,

Giovanni Bartoletti

California Bar #301487


So now I see how this all goes: not only is your outline tailored exactly after [deleted], but the questions in the BestMBE [BestMultis] website emulate exactly what your explanations say, subject by subject. This then builds a solid foundation with regards to exactly what the examiners ask, and how they ask it.

This is an ‘obvious’ approach, but ironically, not one of the courses out there (Barbri, Kaplan, et al) follows this pattern, which is exactly the way it should be done.

I’m pretty pissed for having failed last time because I had the wrong study approach, but excited that I get to take it a second time with the right approach, and I will pass.

Francisco Noriega

California Bar #292448


Because of the other courses I had taken, I was nervous/frustrated/angry/mad before I started One-Timers but now, I know I can do this!!!!!! Happy new year to you and your family!!

Minji Kim

California Bar #298722


After all the different courses I’ve taken in the past [Barbri, Flemings, and Kaplan], there is nothing that I have come across that has been as meticulous, thorough, and personal as One-Timers.

I remember the advice you gave me after turning in my first PT that I did terrible on. You told me that I needed to stop and take a step back or else I would continue to miss things. Thereafter, I slowed down, began reading more carefully, and stopped worrying about quantity over quality. From there, it only took a week to find out how much easier MBEs were (I think i got like 31/33 on the crim test) and how quickly my essay analyzing improved. Once I experienced that, I knew in my heart that I was capable passing and my confidence grew from “I think I can probably do this” to “I can’t wait to show these bar graders why I should pass.”

Honestly, I can say so much more but I’ll just leave it at that.

Gerard Eugenio, a.k.a. “The Gee”

California Bar #304209


Yesterday, I spoke with a friend, I told him what a difference taking your bar review program [One-Timers] in comparison with other programs. I previously took Barbri & a Bar program with Thomas Jefferson Law School [BarSecrets with Dennis Saccuzzo] – One-Timers was the best obviously 😄.

Ana Sambold

California Bar #303106


My plan is to talk with the Dean after I get my bar card so that maybe you can take over Bar Secret’s position at Thomas Jefferson because their pass rate has not significantly increased since 2006. It’s better than Barbri but it isn’t One-Timers. Regardless, bar secrets doesn’t have an mbe program.

PS. The 4 friends that haven’t passed yet are TJSL students that have used bar secrets. Do you see a pattern? Lol!

Melinda Vasquez

California Bar #304270


I really felt like these MBE questions. It is my feeling that the more I get used to this approach to MBE’s, the sharper I will get at them. I personally feel that today they were so much more informative and helpful then the ones I have been used to from PMBR! So far today I have done 22 and was happy to see that I got 18 correct. I am doing them using your method.

Scot Neudorff

California Bar #284018


I just wanted to let you know that I think your program is AWESOME!! I pretty much abandoned Barbri. I still work full time and I get so much more out of following your videos/lectures/questions in the short amount of time I have for studying.

Jill Monthei

California Bar #298538


[Email to the Director of Bar Preparation at Whittier Law School]

I had done everything Barbri taught us, I was outlining essays, doing a minimum of 75 MBE’s daily, review outlines etc. but apparently it was not working. It gave me so much anxiety that I decided to call One-Timers.

We talked and went over some MBE questions and essays over the phone and he [Jason Tolerico] was able to quickly diagnose my major problems. And after thinking about it and talking with my mom, I enrolled in the One-Timers Course and OH MY GOSH. It’s AWESOME!

Listen, I know results from the July bar are not in yet but what I do know is that going into the bar exam I was much more prepared because of One-Timers… and sitting through it knowing exactly what the examiners are looking for was priceless.

I imagine that Whittier has some sort of commitment with Barbri and that it may be out of your hands, but with all honesty Barbri is not doing any good for Whittier. Tina I know how hard you work and I know how much you truly care about all of Whittier students, I have witnessed your sacrifices, you bringing your kids to work, countless hours of putting material together, meeting with students individually, etc… You deserve to work alongside someone with the same desires to uplift Whittier’s name and pass rate.

Whittier does not need a ginormous company like Barbri who has boilerplate, outdated videos/outlines. Whittier needs a course that mirrors what makes Whittier a great law school – A challenging yet supportive environment that fosters Accessibility, Individualism, and Diversity. One-Timers Bar Review Course does that!

One Timers is accessible 24/7; One Timers caters and works with a student’s individual learning capabilities; One Timers has all the tools necessary for an individual to pass, it slays the dragon with a Final Act –> Success!

I know your hands may be tied but let’s do Whittier good and get students to One-Timers…enough is enough in this economy no one needs to be losing out on a lawyers salary because no one told them there’s something better than Barbri. I am a proud Whittier Alumni, You are a proud Whittier Alumni. Jason is a proud Whittier Alumni. Let’s make everyone even PROUDER!

Lydia Picasso

California Bar #301064


This was my third time sitting for the bar. My score didn’t change much from the first time to the second. I took Barbri (twice) as well as supplemental one on one essay tutoring through Flemings. I felt both Barbri and Flemings were adequate but clearly neither one was really doing the trick for me. I was putting in the work, but not seeing a huge increase in my score.

It wasn’t until about half way through the One-Timers course that I realized how lacking the other programs were. I know different things work for different people but what made things really click for me was its unique approach. It’s almost difficult to describe but essentially the focus is on critical thinking and truly just developing the ability to see clearly exactly what it is the bar examiners are asking. That may sound a bit abstract but that’s essentially the core of its method. No checklists, no memorization, no gimmicks.

Another thing I found extremely valuable was the fact that the course eliminates things from its outlines that have NEVER been tested… my Barbri outlines are full of concepts that are just not really testable and the massive amounts of pages to memorize were just so overwhelming. Jason knows the exam inside out and only teaches you what you actually need to know to pass. He’s also very dynamic and interactive during his lectures which is a huge plus. I never once felt bored or zoned out.

With BarBri lectures I would find myself rewinding constantly because I would realize I had no idea what the lecturer just said for the last 5 minutes but in the One-Timers’ class I always felt completely focused- in towards the end when I would normally start to burn out with other programs.

Like I said, it’s hard to put into words, but One-Timers really just approaches the Bar exam in a way completely different (or at least felt completely different to me) than any of the other programs I’ve been through. Obviously the proof remains to be seen in November once results are released, but I can say without hesitation that I would recommend his course to anyone in a heartbeat.

Cindy Myers

California Bar #297532


I read and re-read the model answers and analyses and found them very helpful – more helpful than Barbri. I missed issues on the bar because I just didn’t know the law well enough the first time around.

BarBri had me spinning my wheels trying to emulate completely unrealistic practice answers to my detriment. We’ll see how it goes this time around – I have a lot more time to apply a better way. Thank you, again.

J.R. Burris

California Bar #268790


I just want to tell you that your outline is the best I ever seen. I finally understand Covenants, Equitable Servitude’s, etc… thanks to you. It’s better than long outline of Barbri because its shorter and you still explain each element unlike other outlines that just give the elements without explaining e.g. covenants running with the lands elements, like intent you go into an explanation of that.

Your MBE tips make the MBE seem more doable and I am learning to prioritize sub topics. Thank you for your generosity I think this outline will be the key for me to pass the Bar. And your MBE best program [BestMultis] is teaching me a lot. I am learning that if I see plaintiff is seeking equity I got to look out for equitable servitude’s in the answer choice.

George A. Ortiz

NJ Attorney ID: 089712014


I can’t believe it’s finally my turn to write one of these “Thank you” emails that will inevitably and hopefully go up on your website.

From the very beginning you told me to just “believe in you” and the One-Timers Bar Prep Course. I had failed once using BarBri and I really had nowhere to go. One phone call with you changed my entire life.

Your entire course was wonderful to say the very least. Your Multi-state outlines are the best out there because you spent so much time and effort filtering useful information, bar-specific law.

I was blown away by your Best-Multis MBE online program because it was so detailed and it was a part of the learning process rather than just a random test of each subject (ahem AdaptiBar). Your confidence and wisdom translated to all of your students, and you gave it to me straight.

There was no BS, no fluff, the bar is going to be hard and you mentally prepared us for it. Thank you JT and as I embark on the journey of being an attorney, I can honestly say that One-Timers was the reason I got here. Thanks Again.

Andrew Sohn, Esq.

California Bar #297172


I know you get a lot of stressed out emails, so I thought I’d send you a different kind. Last year I was scoring 50 out of 100 on Barbri’s practice exams. And I was so frustrated and I did not improve much seeing as how I got a 116 on the actual exam.

Yesterday I got 87 of the 100 right. From what I’ve reviewed so far, most of the ones I got wrong, I just need to refresh my knowledge on the law. Basically, I wanted to thank you for helping me change my way of thinking and say I am so happy I signed up with One-Timers. I can really feel myself changing the way I approach the problems and how to understand what the problem is asking. I’m not so terrified of taking the MBEs anymore. Hope you are having a nice day. Respectfully,

Brenna Joy Miller

California Bar #301795


Your videos are great, so much easier to understand than Barbri professors! I almost feel sorry for anyone who didn’t take your class!

Jayson Braude

Washington State Bar #48130


[Email to the Dean of his Law School]

Dear Dean Guernsey,

My name is Rane F. Casalegno and I am an alumnus of Thomas Jefferson School of Law. I am writing you because I heard that you are thinking of implementing a new MBE program. I would like to take just a few moments to tell you about my experience.

I graduated from TJSL last December. I decided to enroll in the One-Timers bar prep course after seeing their MBE program. It was astounding how clear and concise the information was, how accessible and easily comprehensible the material was presented. After completing the required Bar Secrets bar prep course my last semester I felt uneasy and tentative about the Bar. Thomas Jefferson’s bar passage rate has consistently been below the state average for ABA-accredited schools (TJ’s rate for my Bar was 15 points below the average for first timers from ABA-approved schools) and I did not want to take any chances with my future career.

Bar Secrets works for some people and not for others. I found myself in the latter category and knew I had to find a Bar prep course that was right for me. I chose One-Timers and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Mr. Tolerico’s course left me prepared because I put in the work and the material was top-notch. After Day 3 I wanted to come back for a fourth and fifth day. Not only was I knowledgeable about the subject matter, which only a few months prior I felt lost and unprepared, I actually looked forward to the Bar. Needless to say studying for the Bar was a lot of hard work, but One-Timers prepared me to the point that I knew with absolute certainty that I would see my name on the pass list come May.

My endorsement of One-Timers is not to disparage Bar Secrets or any other bar prep course for that matter. Assistant Dean Christensen, Professor Johnson and Saccuzzo have done wonderful things for TJ students, but the numbers clearly indicate a change is needed. Thank you for your time.

Rane F. Casalegno, Esq.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law Class of 2012California Bar #289787


[Email to the Dean of her Law School]

Greetings Dean Guernsey,

I am a TJSL alum and am writing you regarding school sponsored or supported bar prep programs. I did take the Saccuzzo program and MicroMash for MBEs while enrolled. I did not pass on my first time despite this. I next took the One-Timers program. Even though it was based in LA and I streamed in to watch the Saturday classes, this bar prep program made all the difference for me and was the key to my passing.

I would highly encourage you, at a minimum, tell students about his course or ideally encourage or promote this program through the school.

Andrea May Carter

California Bar #290286

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