What Sets One-Timers Apart?


One-Timers Provides Structure, Organization, and Guidance on a Daily Basis

During the course, you receive a detailed message every morning laying out your assignment for that day. It includes tips on how to organize your day and allocate your time, especially if time is limited. All you have to do is follow it.

One-Timers guides you through every step of the process. You never feel lost or confused. In fact, One-Timers is there for you before, during, and after the bar exam.

Live Interactive Classes

One-Timers conducts live classes emphasizing how to attack the bar. Together we go through 44-48 essays, 4 performance tests, and literally hundreds of MBE’s. The classes are highly interactive. There are no boring lectures and no one reads an outline to you.

The Live Classes are Webcast Nationwide

Every class is professionally webcast throughout the country. Students watching remotely can ask questions in real time. This captures the feeling of being “in class” without actually being present. It’s really cool. Each session is recorded and archived online so that you can watch it later at your convenience.

Logistics for the Live Classes

Live classes can be attended in Los Angeles or viewed online from anywhere. Classes are held Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. until approximately 3 p.m. These times may vary depending on the material that is covered in class. No matter when a class ends, we stay to answer all of your questions.

For the February exam, the live classes start in the middle of December and continue until the last Saturday before the bar. For the July exam, the live classes start in the middle of May and continue until the last Saturday before the bar.

Invitation to Attend a Live Class

One-Timers takes pride in providing a unique and exceptional learning environment. Prospective students are invited to attend a live session and see how much you learn in just one class.

Personal Attention – Actual One-on-One Time

One of the best aspects of One-Timers is being able to speak with someone. All substantive questions are answered almost immediately. Being able to interact with an expert on the bar exam is a luxury few have.

One-Timers is There for You During the Bar Exam

One-Timers is there for you when you sit for the actual exam. Not only do we take calls at that time, we visit the test centers to provide support, often taking our students out to lunch or dinner. It’s comforting to know someone is there for you while you take the actual exam.


“Day 1 of the California Bar Exam – Pasadena Convention Center – Jason Tolerico of One-Timers with soon to be Attorney Luis Edgardo Gonzalez #275961”

Life After One-Timers

One-Timers is more than a bar review course. It’s a family. We demonstrate that by not only offering legacy discounts to immediate family members of our alumni, we also post jobs by One-Timers’ alumni looking to hire new attorneys. We don’t stop supporting our students after the exam is over.

We do not publicly post these positions to ensure that One-Timers’ students get preferential consideration. Our alumni network works to keep you on track in your legal career.

One-Timers Covers Every Part of the Exam

One-Timers is a full-service bar review course. We cover every part of the exam –MBE’s, essays, and PT’s. Every essay question and performance test includes a model answer,  score sheet, critical breakdown, introduction,  and audio review. As for the MBE’s, all four answer choices are fully explained and never leave you guessing.

One-Timers focuses solely on the “California” Bar Exam

One-Timers only focuses on what is tested on the California bar exam. No more, no less. The course specifically points out the most heavily tested areas of the law in each subject and gives you precisely what you need to know to pass the first time.

One-Timers is proud to be an exclusive California bar review course.

One-Timers Does Not Cover Issues that are “Not Tested” on the California Bar Exam.

One-Timers not only advises you what to study, One-Timers informs you what not to study. One-Timers is not concerned with non-testable issues.  Instead, our focus is on the areas of law that are consistently tested and will show up on your bar. This strategy provides students with what they need to know, as opposed to giving them every bit of information under the sun.

One-Timers has already figured out what’s important – isn’t that what a bar review course supposed to do?

One-Timers Provides Up-to-Date Materials

One-Timers provides all of its own materials. The outlines are clear and easy to read. They contain examples that simplify each concept.  The Rules for Essays contain succinctly written rule statements of every issue tested on the essay portion of the California bar exam over the past 15+ years.

At One-Timers, the materials are constantly being updated. A new version is released after every administration of the exam. Furthermore, the materials are printed in color.  Studies have shown that color helps with memory retention and is easier to read. One-Timers goes the extra mile to ensure your success.

Ability to Access the Materials Online 

In addition to the printed materials, One-Timers provides each student with online access to the entire course. The audios and videos are streamlined in an on-demand format. This offers greater flexibility and makes searching for a particular topic a breeze.

Master Essay Writing

One-Timers demonstrates how to handle the most difficult questions. Write a concise and well-thought out answer by simply answering the call of the question and breaking down the fact pattern. One-Timers provides assistance with essay writing, approaches to issue spotting, and tools for proper organization. These are the test-taking methods you need to succeed.

Model Answers

One-Timers provides a comprehensive answer to every essay question dating back to 2000. The answers are written with precision. They exemplify what the examiners are looking for in a model answer.

Every Answer is Up-to-Date

Every answer is current. Where relevant, answers have been edited to account for any changes in the law, e.g., the confrontation clause,  substantial compliance in the formal execution of a will. – This way you’re not learning bad law, no matter the year of the essay.

Audios for Each Model Answer

In addition to providing a written answer to every essay since the millennium, One-Timers has created an audio for each essay explaining how to properly organize your answer, how to analyze the fact pattern, and helpful tips to apply to your exam. There are over 180 model answers and audios to choose from. The audios are our personal favorites.

Rules for Essays

Included within the materials is a book titled “Rules for Essays.” It contains succinctly written rule statements of every issue that has been tested over the past 15+ years. It lets students know when each issue was tested, how often it was tested, as well as the most heavily tested areas in each subject.

One-Timers has done all the legwork so you don’t have to. No other course does this!

Former Bar Grader on Staff

One-Timers has hired a former bar grader to assist with the written portion of the exam. Furthermore, One-Timers consults with former bar graders and law professors who have attended calibration sessions for the written portion of the California bar exam.

The Performance Test

One-Timers covers the performance test. We provide our own model answers with tips, strategies for better organization, and ways to improve time management. Every performance test contains an audio that thoroughly goes through that particular PT. This allows you to gain a better understanding of how to approach one in the future.

One-Timers’ Patented Critical Breakdown 

Another feature of One-Timers is the patented Critical Breakdown. The Critical Breakdown walks you through the fact pattern and breaks everything down into manageable segments. It explains why the examiners use certain facts and what they mean. This way you’ll never miss an issue. It even shows you how to find the law in case you forget a rule.

In simplest terms, the critical breakdown demonstrates why it’s a “cinch by the inch, but hard by the yard.”

Incredibly Fast Feedback on All Written Assignments

When it comes to receiving feedback, One-Timers has the fastest turnaround time of any bar prep class in the nation. Every written assignment is graded by an experienced grader and returned to you within 15 minutes to 4 hours, but never longer than 24 hours. By limiting the number of students, One-Timers is able to provide this extremely fast turnaround time. This way when you get your essay back, you will not have forgotten what you wrote.

In addition, all written assignments receive extensive feedback with detailed comments and, of course, a grade. Our graders methodically go through each sentence and explain how to make your answer better. They are familiar with the grading process and the way the state bar calibrates the written portion of the exam.

Experience and a Mastery of the Exam You Can Count On

One-Timers is taught by Professor Jason Tolerico. Mr. Tolerico is an expert on the bar exam. He holds the highest MBE score – 180 – and has passed the bar exam on his first attempt in numerous states including California, New York, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. Mr. Tolerico has never taken a bar review course.

Mr. Tolerico actively follows what the examiners are testing. He knows what works, which areas are currently tested, and what bar graders are looking for in a passing answer. He has a true passion for the bar exam.

There is a real sense of security knowing you’re learning from the best.

The rest of the staff includes our publishers, consultants, developers, cameramen, technicians, assistants, and graders who work behind the scenes to keep the program running smoothly. Without them, One-Timers would not be where it is today.

Start as Early as You Like with No Additional Fees

With One-Timers you can start as soon as you’re ready. For those starting early, we tailor a schedule that is specific to your needs. The more time we have with you, the better your chance of success. One-Timers encourages students to begin as early as possible. And no matter when you begin, the price is the same. There are no additional costs or hidden fees.

Law Students Get Full Access During Law School

While in law school, you get access to everything One-Timers has to offer. You can access the outlines, enroll in the MBE program, listen to the audios, watch the videos, attend the live classes, and receive model answers to the essays. One-Timers will even guide you through your current classes.

This is why One-Timers’ students have a distinct advantage over their classmates. And don’t forget, there are no additional fees for starting early.

Why One-Timers

Because you have to pass. Why not do it one time?