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Bar Exam Calculator



Enter your essay, PT and MBE scores in the Exam Score column to calculate your approximate scaled written and scaled total score. Our calculator is calibrated after the results and scaling are officially released for each administration of the bar exam. Updating our algorithm with the newest data sets; which utilizes a systematic computational analysis of all past exams.

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(Remember, this is an analytics based estimation, as the State Bar will not release the actual unique scaling data for an exam data until after results are officially released)

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Guideline of the Grades You May Receive

40 – While this score is possible, it is extremely unlikely. This score is only given if the student barely wrote anything.

45 – Extremely poor answer, almost missed what subject the examiners were testing. The student did not demonstrate an understanding of the essay or the subject matter. It is also pretty tough to get this score.

50 – Very poor.

55 – Needs much improvement, but hit some issues.

60 – Not quite passing, but not too bad. Some improvement is needed.

65 – The student demonstrated a sufficient understanding of the essay and discussed the facts and the law well enough to pass. A passing answer.

70 – Very good answer. Well organized and nicely discussed.

75 – Close to flawless. The answer contained creative arguments, hit the main issues hard, and discussed everything very well.

80 – While reading it the grader was in awe, it was that good.

100 – The top 2 answers selected to be on the California State Bar’s website.

MBE Scores: Raw vs. Scaled

  • The percentage needed for a passing MBE score in California is 69.5% (1390/2000 or 139/200) is the scaled score. Being that 25 random questions are dropped; a raw score of 1220/1750 or 122/175 is needed.
  • For a more accurate determination of your score, take advantage of One-Timers’ MBE Test Simulator. (The average score of your last two MBE timed exams given to you by One-Timers should be a pretty fair indicator of how you scored on the actual MBE.)

Scaling Information

  • The Committee of Bar Examiners utilizes a scoring procedure designed to ensure the level of difficulty of the exam remains unchanged from previous administrations of the exam. The statistical technique, called scaling, converts scores on the written section (essay questions and PT) to the MBE scale measurement. Converting the total written raw scores to the same scale of measurement as the MBE adjusts for possible differences in average question difficulty and grading across different administrations of the exam.
  • On the written section of the exam, applicants were initially graded on a basis of 700 maximum possible points. An applicant could earn up to 100 raw points on each of the five essay questions and up to 100 raw points on the PT. The grade on the PT is doubled in the calculation of the total raw written points. The scores obtained on the written section of the exam are then translated to the 2000-point MBE scale. An applicant’s total score is the scaled MBE score multiplied by .50 plus the converted score on the written section multiplied by .50.
  • The committee of bar examiners utilizes a grading procedure designed to ensure the level of difficulty remains “unchanged” from one administration of the exam to another. As such, California can only publish its scaling method after the results are released. Thus, there is no way for the calculator to be 100% accurate. 

Attorney Applicants

  • Enter a score of 1390 in the MBE section of the calculator